De beste taalcorrector
Onderdeel van LAUNCH, AKV|st. Joost graduationshow 2019
Arrogance closes your eyes for the world around you and makes you dismiss advice and help. However, the conscious usage of arrogance can uplift the insecure person: it battles the insecure voices in your head. The ultimate language corrector (de beste taalcorrector) trains you to leave doubt behind. The result will be a confident, and perhaps an arrogant sounding text that gives the writer a chance to see themselves from another perspective. ​​​​​​​
My motivation and explanation behind this project
The starting point for this project was arrogance in the world of design. I started openminded, inspired by my own experience. I have the habit of speaking about myself and my work in a negative way. Because of this, I missed many opportunities, unlike the more ‘arrogant’ people in the world. My research question developed into: How do I create an experience in which designers can reflect on the role arrogance plays in their practice (so that they can use it positively)?
I want to facilitate and empathize the moment of transformation from yourself to an arrogant alter-ego. The contact with the user and their “arrogant alter-ego” will result in an moment of reflection due to the friction between the user and the arrogant alter-ego.
The result of this research is a language corrector that trains you to write assertively while typing. I created conditions of certain and uncertain language and created a glossary. These words are replaced by exaggerations, positive words and sometimes by nothing. I impelented the words in an autocorrection for word, for everyone to download, use and edit. The tool specifically designed for designers like me is now helpfull for everyone who needs it. The tool is called the best language corrector. De beste taalcorrector in Dutch. These words are replaced by exaggerations, positive words and sometimes by nothing. The language corrector changes your words as you type. Because of this you will have to think differently about the structure of your sentences and your use of words so that the sentence remains grammatically correct. The program does not do all the work for you. This makes it more of a training than a quick practical solution. But above all, it’s a conversation piece and an impetus for self-reflection. I want to make people think about the way they present themselves and about their own identity.

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